Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump by Donkey Hotey (

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No one ever wins a presidential debate; candidates only ever lose them. But this isn't just any debate; if Trump over-performs, he could win it outright.

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Cruz's decision to endorse the nominee comes after previously refusing to do so despite being given a prime time slot at the GOP Convention.

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“Dilbert” cartoonist Scott Adams, a former Hillary supporter, nails it: Clinton policy details meant “to mislead, not to inform.” It's Washingtonspeak vs. a seasoned business exec and negotiator, Hillary and Lester Holt vs. The Donald.

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Critical thinking, effective communication, independent research, and teamwork are necessary for a successful debate. History testifies to this

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Clint Eastwood’s “Sully” is never coy about what it wants to accomplish. But this well wrought tale of an American hero stumbles when the NTSB enters the room.

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If Hillary Clinton does not move, this will lead to more Chappaqua wage despair and disparity. People will then angrily vote for Donald Trump.

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This year, there is a chance. A chance to change from chaos to balance. To pull those politicians back to their constituents.

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It's easier to win a debate by focusing on what people believe, and looking honest while you do it; Clinton will be challenged on both counts, even if she doesn't sweat.

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Snarled traffic, weird security, and loads of late seatings disrupt but fail to derail Washington National Opera’s charming performance of classic Mozart opera, "The Marriage of Figaro."

Harry Reid at Center for American Progress Fund - Licensed under CCO -

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You can't keep your doctor or your plan, your deductibles and insurance costs are up, and major insurance companies are dropping out: Obamacare is a success.