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The declaration of war power allows Congress to declare that a state of war already exists, not to start a new war.

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Suddenly, morality matters to the Democratic Party?Only if they can utilize inequities to smear a political opponent. How transparent and hypocritical.

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Clinton said she hoped for a campaign based on policy and issues, one that would build a consensus for after the election. It hasn't worked out quite that way.

Amber Rose has to channel her inner bad girl during Latin Week to stay on the show. Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless

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SAN DIEGO, October 15, 2016 – Latin rhythms are essential to ballroom, and it’s essential competitors on “Dancing With The Stars” channel their inner...

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The clowns of the 2016 elections are increasing our anxiety. But with Obamacare we can't afford to see a doctor for an Xanax prescription. Bourbon sales increasing.

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Trump will protect gun rights, Clinton will let gun manufacturers be sued into oblivion; Trump believes in national borders, Clinton doesn't. And there's more.

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A New Jersey judge issued a summons to Governor Chris Christie over his alleged role in Bridgegate. The complaint was filed by retired firefighter William J. Brennan.

Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump by Donkey Hotey (

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The election isn't about what they've said, but about what the candidates will do in the White House. It's not about character, but policy. It's about you.

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We have become such a politically correct culture that we react more to somebody's unfiltered mouth than a candidate who talks about the rights of women but ignores the rights of baby women in the womb, even babies at full term who could survive outside the womb and instead are put to death by "partial birth abortion."

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Despite the presence of two third-party candidates, one of two people will be elected President on November 8. Here are the real differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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What could be more ambiguous than a person behaving nonverbally – dressed in a clown costume – wearing a fixed, painted smile under a pair of cold, dead eyes… wielding a knife?